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You get up in the morning, drink your coffee, go to work, do all your tasks, files, phones, meetings, angry boss, deadlines, stressful colleagues, come home tired, eat, watch TV, go to bed and do it all again the next day, and the next day, and the next day….

Now…stop a second and think. Where’s life in all of that?

Take a moment to look outside, see the blue sky. Let the sun touch your face and warm your body, feel the wind in your hair, smell the flowers, hear the birds sing, admire the beauty around you. Now…listen to your heart! What does it say?

Take moments each day to live and enjoy life. Life shouldn’t be all about work. Life can be great! Enjoy it, spend time with your family, your friends. Do the things you love.

Every day we make choices. With every choice we make we create our lives.
Time flies, days go by. You’ll wake up one day realizing how quickly life passes and that you haven’t lived a life at all.

Maybe you didn’t have the courage to do what you wanted. Maybe you’re feeling stuck in life. Have you forgotten what it’s like to really live?

Start living today ! You only live once! So why not make the most of it? Take some time to smile! Stop and look around you. Learn to appreciate the simple things in life that could make you happier. See the beauty of this world, look at the trees, smell the flowers, hear the birds, watch the sunrise or the sunset. Live, inspire, make a difference, love, laugh, dance and enjoy everything.

Exhale And Enjoy Life it’s a moment of joy in a crazy life reminding you to live. It’s about enjoying life, being positive and having the courage to be yourself! It’s about embracing life, living the present moment and making the best of every day.

I’m Cristina and I love to inspire and motivate people to explore this wonderful thing called LIFE !

I love photography, nature and animals and I believe in nature being a great healer. So beside motivational and self-improvement articles you will also find pictures from nature. There are amazing things happening around us every day, you just have to stop a minute and look around you.

Life is a gift so LIVE it up!

Make the right choices ! Live, love, laugh and enjoy life to the fullest.

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If you have any questions you can e-mail me at exhaleandenjoylife@gmail.com

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  1. Hi, Cristina, I share your philosophy on taking the time to appreciate the beauty and the goodness around us–I wish more people did. How very nice to meet you!

  2. Hello Cristina, thanks for stopping by The Naturephile and pressing the Like button, I’m pleased you enjoyed it like. You too have a really good blog and I concur wholeheartedly with your thoughts about appreciating the natural world around us. Best wishes. Finn

  3. I would like to nominate you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award. Check out my blog for further details and to accept the award. If you do not want the award, please let me know. Congratulations!

  4. Hi Cristina! Thank you so much for visiting my blog, liking several posts and taking the time to comment. I truly appreciate it. You have a wonderful blog here and I’m glad that your visit to my blog led me to find your blog. Enjoy your day and please visit again soon!

  5. Thank you so much Cristina for stopping by my blog! I really appreciate ❤
    What a lovely blog you have! Looking forward to see more your posts

  6. I have just found your blog through you visiting mine. And I am totally amazed. Your thinking is like mine… love life and like to make people happy and inpire them. SO what I read so far is wonderful. I am looking forward to following you and enjoy your positive and beautiful picture posts. Thanks for finding me! Ute

  7. Hi Cristina. Thanks for taking the time today to visit my blog and “Like” so many of my posts. Your blog is informative, inspirational and interesting; keep up the good work you’re doing here. I hope to hear from you again soon. Cheers!

  8. Hi Cristina,
    Thank you for visiting my blog, liking some of my posts, and also giving comment. I appreciate it very much 🙂
    Your blog is wonderful. I totally agree with your thoughts, and I will come back from time to time to enjoy your blog.

  9. I agree wholeheartedly with your philosophy – so much so that my husband and I completely changed our lives a few years ago to move somewhere we loved so we could enjoy it while we’re young. We now have what we call a working retirement lifestyle and couldn’t be happier. Looking forward to following you 🙂

  10. What a lovely blog! I share your attitude to positivity in life and am looking forward to reading more of your posts. Thanks also for reading, liking and commenting on my blog!

  11. What a lovely blog you have! I have just gone though a couple posts so far but I am already loving it 🙂 Will definitely follow and check out more of your work soon! 🙂

  12. Having read your about page I am so happy that you are poking around my blog, as I hope my blog is enabling people to see the beauty that is all around them. Brilliant, have a great weekend. MM

  13. Hi Cristina, I’m visiting after seeing in your comment over at Coach Eli’s that English is not your first language either. Same here. Now I also see that you are also a fellow HRM Person and like to take pictures – only yours are way better than mine!

  14. Wonderful reminders and motivations here on your blog Cristina. I too enjoy inspiring people to live fully and wake up to the beauty of life. Blessings, Brad

  15. Nice to meet you Cristina! My name is Jessica and we think very similarly about life. Life is so short, why NOT make the most of it?! Seriously. Life is truly a beautiful thing.

  16. Ok, I am living my best life right now (well working on weight loss so I can have more energy) but I 100% agree with your advice. I left an awful cheating husband and started over – and ended up finding love and now re-married and so so happy. But always good to get a refresher on things that drag you down. Will be following along for sure!

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