Simple Ways To Take Care Of Long Hair In Winter

Cold, crisp air, freezing temperatures, snow…love them or not, they can easily damage your hair if you’re not careful.  The longer your hair is the more protection it needs.

So…here are some easy, simple ways to take care of your hair during winter.


I know most people are looking for a fast, quick results solution but that’s not how it works if health is on your mind. Or…not long term anyway.

If you really care about your hair think about it for a moment…

Just how your body needs its nutrients to function properly and be healthy so does your hair. It is part of your body right?

If your hair doesn’t get what it needs how can you expect to have it healthy? How can it grow and be strong if it doesn’t have what it requires?

So pay attention at what you’re eating. Fruits and veggies are your friends!

A healthy and nutritious meal will not only nourish your body but also your hair!

Long Hair

Stay Hydrated

If your hair feels dry, you have lots of split ends, hair breaks easily or you’re experiencing hair fall, it can all be a sign of dehydration! If you add to dehydration the cold winter air, freezing temperatures and snow…it can really damage your hair.

Should I dare to mention the everyday stress, lack of sleep, improper nutrition and the crazy, fast life most people live today with no time to actually care for yourself and drink enough water?

So how about some refreshing water?

Cover Your Hair

Some of you will just ignore the above health related section and jump to this one. Covering sound simple right?

Look…ignoring what I wrote above and just covering won’t help much if your hair is already damaged!

But…if you do take proper care of your hair, using a cover will help PROTECT it from the freezing cold air and all that it brings! Depending on how cold it gets where you live use your winter coat hood, a hoodie, a winter hat, a scarf, etc… whatever you like and works best for you!

Here’s what I do…I put my hair up on a bun or just a simple braid and cover it! So simple yet so efficient!


Looks Over Health?

Sadly, so many people choose looks over health. Looking in a certain way is more important to them than health. Appearance matters to them more! This also means mistreating their hair just to get attention. It’s also a sign of looking in others for validation, of trying to fit in.

It’s not just me saying this. There are actually studies made in this field. Unfortunately some people depend too much on what society thinks of them and how they should LOOK, BE OR DO!

If you’re one of these people…would you like to let go of what others think of you? Of trying to impress some people who might not even care about you?

Just think for a few moments of WHAT is really IMPORTANT TO YOU?

CHOOSE YOU over and over again in everything that you do!

So in this case…what do you think would be healthier for your hair?


A few years ago I started using oils for my skin and also for my hair. There are so many oils to choose from… jojoba oil, castor oil, olive oil, almond oil, etc.  Each person is different and what works for one might not work for the other so just test and see what works for you.

Oils not only moisturize and protect your hair but will also nourish it, help you get rid of dandruff, have a nice scalp massage, improve blood circulation which will give you a healthier, stronger, good looking hair.

So why not give it a try?

The Right Shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo might make the difference between damaged hair and healthy hair!

Like I said above…what works for one might not work so great for the other.

Pay attention to what it says on the shampoo and what type of hair you have. Make sure that you’re using the right products for your hair.

There are also winter shampoos available that you can try. They will add more hydration and protection for your hair during the cold season.


A good hair conditioner should leave your hair hydrated, silky and easy to work with! Just like the shampoo…you have to find out which one would be best for you!

Don’t Go Out With Wet Hair

There are people who do this quite often. Some are rushing to get somewhere and don’t make time to dry their hair, others don’t know/care and they get out like that. I also know someone who constantly adds water to hair throughout the day to “style” it!

If you do care about your hair…mixing the winter cold air with wet hair it’s not the best choice for you! You’ll not only damage your hair but you’ll also risk a cold!

And yes…I know there are some who will say that you won’t catch a cold by getting outside with wet hair but…tell that to those that get the cold!

If you don’t get a cold that’s great. But not everyone is like you.

How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?

Well…it depends on each person’s hair. There’s no rule.


Some people wash their hair too often then needed. In winter that may cause some damage.

Others don’t wash it enough!

Don’t take this the wrong way. You shouldn’t stay with dirty hair on for days or go crazy with the washing!

Simply pay attention to your hair during the seasons and how often it needs to be washed!

For example in summer you might wash your hair more often because of the hot weather, sweat, etc. But in winter you might not need to wash your hair like you do in summer. So don’t overdo it.

Winter is a wonderful season and you can definitely enjoy it and in the same time keep your hair healthy and happy.

I hope these tips will help your hair during the cold season and if you want to share any other tips on hair health please write them in the comment section below.

If you want to know more on hair health check out My Tips For Strong, Long And Healthy Hair

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