10 Great Ideas For A Fantastic Autumn

Looking for some fun autumn activities? Each season has its own beauty. So why not enjoy it? Here are 10 great ideas for a fantastic autumn season.


Go For Long Walks

Long walks during the autumn season are such a lovely thing to do. Everything changes and you get to see it. Beautiful views, spectacular, colorful trees, flowers and grass. The cool chilly autumn air and the golden sunlight.

A simple walk will distress you, relax you and overall make you feel great. A walk in the morning through the grass full of dew can be such a refreshing experience. Take a friend, your family, your dog and enjoy the walk.


With autumn here and all those gorgeous colors you’ll find plenty of inspiration and lovely things to paint. Paint a house, a tree, the leaves, a forest, whatever you like. Paint alone or with someone dear. If you have kids even better. They will love it!

It will relax you, help you take your mind off your problems and it’s a great way to spend some time with yourself or with the ones you love. Get creative, grab some colorful leaves and make something with them. You can even frame it and put it on the wall.

Fall Festivals

Grab some friends or simply take your family to a festival. There are so many during autumn season and so beautiful. You’ll have fun, good food, music and drinks. Just enjoy your time and have fun.

Barbecue Evenings With The Family

Why not invite all your family or friends to a barbecue? Or anyone dear to you who you love spending time with. We often get lost in our day to day activities that we forget to spend time with the people we love and simply live!

So get them all together and have some great time.

Wine Tasting

C’mon…who would not like this? Or even better help making the wine. You can even buy grapes and do it yourself!


A Mountain Trip

You’ll love the view! Autumn in the mountains it’s fantastic. The fresh, healthy mountain air will recharge your batteries and you’ll also get a good workout!

Become A Photographer

Autumn is a fantastic season for taking pictures. Colorful trees, beautiful gardens, golden sunlight, lots of fruits and vegetables. Take you camera and make a wonderful autumn album ! You’ll frame great memories.

Sky Watching With Someone You Love

The sky can be really gorgeous during autumn evenings. It will make you feel calm and peaceful. Simply enjoy it! Take the camera with you and catch that stunning autumn sky or just admire it…whatever makes you happy.


Decorate Your House For Fall

Decorating your house and garden can be such a fun experience. You can even make you own decorations. Ask you family to join you. Get creative and have some fun!

Visit A Farm

I was raised at my grandparents farm and I just love spending time there. The fields look absolutely stunning during autumn season.

Go horse riding. Play with the leaves. Pick fruits and vegetables. Spend time in nature and enjoy it. Take your kids. They will love spending time with animals and learn so many new things. It can be really fun and educative.

Autumn is such a spectacular and rich season. Make sure you enjoy it every day!

Exhale And Enjoy Life it's a moment of joy in a crazy life reminding you to live.

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