What’s Holding You Back From Doing What You Love?

Have you ever wanted to do something that you really loved, really wanted but you didn’t? What stopped you? Was it what people might say or think? Was it fear? Fear of failing or fear of actually succeeding? What was it?

We often find ourselves in a position where we really want to do something but… we don’t do it because of different reasons and then, we feel bad and we regret not doing it.

Are you standing in your own way?

Most of the time a change of mindset is all you need to let go of all those limiting beliefs and start doing what you love.

So here are some tips to help you finally let go of what’s holding you back and go after your dreams.

What Others Will Think Of You

So you’re afraid of what people might think or say…do you really think this is good? Why do you care so much?

Do you honestly think that all those people in the world who are doing what they love and are living their best life are spending their time worrying about what others think?

C’mon, be serious…they’re too busy living their best live and enjoying every moment.

People will always find something to disagree with what you’re doing.

Even if you do nothing they will still have something to say about it. So why worry?

You came into this world with a purpose. Maybe you’re very talented at singing or at dancing, painting maybe or you would love to be a teacher…whatever your skills are…use them!

If for example you want to follow a different career… let’s say you want to be a DJ. Do it! It’s your life not others. Do what you want, like, enjoy and think it’s good for you. Not what other people want you to do.

So You Failed! So What?

Fear of failing, of not being good enough holds so many people from succeeding and doing what they love.  So you failed. Try again!

Listen we all fail, it’s part of life. Some people fail big time and not just once! They fail but they don’t quit. See failure as improvement. That’s how you find out what works and what doesn’t.

Imagine yourself succeeding and focus on making progress.

And if you still don’t succeed try again. At least you’ll know you did what you could, you tried. Now if you want, you can focus on a different thing.


Afraid To Fail Or To Succeed?

Fear of succeeding might sound crazy but it’s real. Some people think that if they will succeed they won’t know what to do!

How so?

Well…success is scary because it involves change, challenges and responsibilities. Ask yourself if you’re really up for the challenge. So many people want to live differently but they never go past that wanting phase.

Here’s the thing… no one actually knew exactly what to do when they achieved their goals. You don’t have to know everything and not all has to be perfect. So many things you’ll just learn along the way so just…start.

Identify your fears, deal with them and get to work.


Now it’s a pretty good time to start! If you’re constantly postponing you’ll wake up one day realising that you had all this time and you just waste it.

Yes there are perfect moments but sometimes you have to create the perfect moment!

Life On Hold

One unhealthy and totally unproductive habit some people have is putting their life on hold when something happens. A situation arises so they just stop everything until they resolve that situation.

They don’t sleep right, eat properly, they put everything on hold. Does this sound like you?

That’s not very wise is it?

I totally agree that certain situations require your full attention but I’m not talking about those.

I’m talking about letting something that is not that important and using it as an excuse to not do what you should be doing.

That shouldn’t be a reason to ignore everything else in your life.

By the time you’ll find your answers, solutions to your problems another one will probably arise stopping you again to live your life.

Time is a valuable asset. It doesn’t wait for you. You can’t put it on hold. So why wasting it? And most times for things that are not even that important to you.

Ask yourself if it’s really that big of a deal. I’m sure there were times when you regretted that you lost all that time or spent it unwisely.

Are you making something out of nothing?  You live your life saying that it’s just until you get through with that situation. But is it really?

If it is, then why do you end up in the same situation all the time?

Better Late Than Never

I saw this lovely daffodil standing alone in the garden and I just had to take a picture!

And it got me thinking there is a lot to learn from this gorgeous flower.

Look how beautifully it stands in all that green! Never give up and never lose hope. You may bloom later than others but later doesn’t mean never.

Stay true and believe in your dreams. The road might be bumpy and slow but keep going…you can make it!


Lack And Life Circumstances

You know about them right? Lack of money, time, motivation, lack of knowledge, of opportunities, the place you’re living, a certain situation, health problems…it could be anything.

We all go through different situation in life and for some those situation are really hard and challenging. But you can always make a change!

It’s not easy and for sure it will take time. But you can use your life circumstances to motivate you to work on achieving the life you want to live.

Change can be scary but you can totally do it! You either give up or give it all you’ve got to make it better. Start small, have a clear vision of what you want and every single day work on making a small change that will help you improve your life.

The Sun Will Shine Again

There is rain, thunder and lightning in each person’s life. But there is also sunshine!

No matter how cloudy it gets, never lose hope! The storm won’t last forever! The sun will shine again and a better day will come your way.

We all would love to do or have different things but so many back down when they have to actually do it! Stop searching for excuses or a way to not do it. If you truly believe in your dreams, give them an honest chance!

Exhale And Enjoy Life it's a moment of joy in a crazy life reminding you to live.

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