Live Life As You Like By Your Own Standards

How awesome does that sound? To be able to live life as you like by your own standards? You’d love that right? Go ahead take a few moments and just imagine how different your life would be.

Beautiful right? But…can you actually do it? Can you really live life the way you want to?

Isn’t it weird how everybody is trying so hard to please others? At work, home, friends?  You always put others first and forget about yourself.

You know time flies and nobody knows for how long we’re going to be here and still you’re spending all this precious time trying to fit somewhere you don’t belong! Trying to live a life you don’t like while dreaming of a life you would enjoy. Why?

Let me ask you something…where are you in all of this? When I say you I mean the REAL you!

This life is about you! It’s yours. Stop wasting time doing what others want and what they think it’s right for you.

Is this really what you want and what makes you happy?

Do you want to live life how others tell you to? Or do it your own way? It’s never too late and you’re never too young or too old to choose to become the person you really want to be.

You have the power to change your life. There are people living their best life out there and you can do it too.

Is it going to be easy? Probably not.

Starting the journey of self-improvement, finding yourself and making the necessary changes to live the life you really want, to follow your dreams and your soul requires a lot of courage. This is where most people get scared. They take the easy way out. It’s comfortable to them.

Isn’t is crazy how doing the RIGHT thing it’s always hard? But, what if it’s not?

Do It

What if it just seems to be like that and you’re just scared to get out of your bubble and change your life?

Being afraid of what may happen and postponing things won’t get you anywhere. You’re just running from your life.

Look, we all want to be happy. Happiness might mean different things for different people but we all want to live a happy life. So go and do that! Time flies! Start living your life.

You are free to live it the way you want to. Take charge of your life.

In the end the only things that matter are the ones that made you happy, the ones that made you feel ALIVE, the ones that gave you wonderful memories and put a big smile on your face.

Don’t waste life doing things you don’t like, spending it with people who don’t understand and respect you and what you want to do. The way you choose to live your life it’s your responsibility.

Stop wasting time doing things that won’t matter, for people who don’t give a damn about you. You’ll never get this time back.

Respect yourself and respect your life! LIVE IT !

Don’t let other people define you or your life. Live your life as YOU like by your OWN standards doing what makes you happy.

Being surrounded by the right people is no joke! The people you spend most of your time with can help you succeed or stop you from living the life you desire.

Some people bring you up and some bring you down. In life there are times when you have to deal with negative people who suck the life out of you. They make you feel bad, doubt yourself and ruin your happiness.

Spending time with the wrong people will ruin your life and happiness.

If you’re constantly listening to all the negative people and their criticism …how far do you think you’ll get in life?

Forgive these people and move on.

Don’t let them bring you down, don’t allow them to affect you and your actions. You can control the impact they have on your life by changing the way you react to them.

Some people do it intentionally and some don’t even realize how negative they are.

You need to understand that no matter what you do, people are still going to comment.

It doesn’t matter what you do and how hard you try, if you’re young or old, rich or poor… the negative and poisonous people will always have something to say. Ignore them.

Focus on living your own life and working on achieving your dreams.

Live Your Life

You might find yourself walking alone for some time but that’s ok. You’ll make new friends along the way.

People who really care about you won’t try to bring you down. They will stand by you and support you. So chose wisely who you spend your time with. You design you life, not others!

But the one who can really make a difference is YOU!

True you might have to work harder than others, yes your life circumstances might not be the best, and you are right… it’s not always your fault. So instead of letting all of these drag you down why don’t you use them as fuel to motivate you even more to go after the life you desire.

You might not be aware of your power to change your life but it’s there. I agree there are things we can’t control but you CAN control how much you’ll let those things affect your life.

No matter how difficult life is we all have the power to change and it’s your responsibility to choose differently if you’re not happy.

Look, stepping out of your comfort zone, making changes and taking responsibility for your future might sound scary, it will also take time.

Things won’t change over night.

It will test your patience and your will but you need to understand that this life is yours. And no one will come do things for you. Forget what others are doing and how they live their life.

Focus on YOU! Be aware of your skills, of your abilities and use them to build a life you can be proud of. Instead of trying to fit in or be like someone else, stop comparing your life with others and just be YOU!

You have the potential to be great. Give yourself a chance!

Exhale And Enjoy Life it's a moment of joy in a crazy life reminding you to live.

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  1. A very positive direction! I think the older I get the more I care about where, and with whom, I spend my time. I do want to spend time with uplifting people, and even, at times, need to limit time with very dear and old friends who may be less inclined to support well-being. I appreciate the direction of your motivating message! Good reminders!

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