Easy And Natural Tips To Improve Your Health

While this craziness with COVID has been affecting all of us, the way each of us is experiencing it is different.

We are all different and have different life circumstances.

Some people are still in lockdown with their lovely families, others are all alone with no one to care about them.

Some are stuck with violent people in an unhealthy environment and can be risky for their physical and mental health.

There are people who don’t mind spending so much time alone and they are ok with it, but for those who are not used to being alone and away from their loved ones it can be pretty challenging and depressing.

Some made the best of this period of time by enjoying the break from the busy, stressful, fast life. Others are full of fear and uncertainty about what the future brings.

And let’s not forget those who have lost someone they loved during this time.

Fear, anxiety, unknown, lost jobs, financial problems, loneliness, uncertainty, constant worry, etc… they all had a big impact on everyone’s life.

BUT in all of this, people realized how important health is and they keep searching for ways to improve their health. So why not take advantage of the natural ways you can keep yourself healthy?

As easy as they might seem you would be surprised to find out how many people ignore them!

Here are some healthy tips anyone can do!

Nourish Your Body

How many times do you just grab whatever you can get in a hurry and how many times do you actually have a nutritious, healthy meal?

Think about it!

Health is right there on your plate!

Food can be medicine but it can also be poison to your body. Take care of your health by choosing healthy food and drinks.

If you’re spending more time at home this year due to COVID why not try to cook your own food?

There are so many yummy, healthy and delicious recipes to try.  Plus, they are not that complicated. You’ll learn something new and who knows maybe you’ll enjoy cooking so much that you’ll turn it into a passion!

Give it a try. It might become a delicious habit!

Keep Yourself Healthy
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Why I Like Origins Checks And Balances Frothy Face Wash

You’re the happiest when you’re feeling healthy and comfortable in your own skin right? We all try everyday to have that healthy glowing, good looking skin… and because some of you asked me on Instagram if I could share a little bit more about the products that I use here’s a review of my favorite product for everyday face wash.

Before starting I just want to mention that this is not a sponsored post. I bought this product myself and I’m just sharing my experience with it in hope that it will also help other people improve their face skin condition.

That being said let’s move on to the review.

My skin is oily, sensitive with the occasional breakouts that most of us get. In the past years it has been quite a challenge for me to find a product that would work with my skin.

I know that most people don’t like oily skin but I actually love it! Yes, sometimes it can get pretty oily but it never bothered me. 

Oily skin has got lots of benefits and there’s nothing better than your own natural barrier to protect your skin.

I said it was a challenge to find a good product because most of the products I tried would just mess up my skin.

I wanted something that would clean my skin, to really feel that my skin is clean and fresh BUT without drying it to the point it hurts.

Most products I used would clean the face but it would also strip my skin of its natural oils to the point that, after washing my face instead of feeling clean, hydrated and healthy it would feel tight, get red patches, burning sensation and cracked skin.

Not to mention ending up with more breakouts!

I tried all types of products over the years.

Products I used for oily and combination skin would make my skin so dry that would hurt.

I tried sensitive skin products without getting a difference in my skin and the normal skin, dry skin products didn’t clean my skin, just clogged my pores.

All changed when I bought the Origins Checks and Balances frothy face wash!

Origins Checks and Balances
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Coronavirus And Social Distancing – How Not To Freak Out When Isolated

We’re social beings. And even those who love spending time alone have moments when they search for human interaction.

It’s in our nature.

All over the world people are using social distancing, isolation due to coronavirus for their own protection and others.

As the days and weeks of isolation go by so many people are freaking out. Social distancing can have a huge impact on your mental health.

Anxiety and depression can easily kick in.

If you’re having a hard time coping with social distancing or isolation, here are a few tips for you that will hopefully make things a little better.

Use Technology If You Have Access

While nothing is better than real life interaction and people always talk about keeping the balance between online and offline, now…technology might be for some the only way to see, hear, talk and connect with their loved ones.

So use it!

There are so many apps that allow you to interact with other people. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, TikTok … everyone is online these days.

Create groups, forums, watch movies together, share photos and stories or just simply talk!

Not only that you can see the people you love and talk with them but you can also use technology to learn and develop new hobbies that will keep you busy and stress free.  

Learn to paint or take an online class in photography or whatever you like!

Change your perspective
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What To Do When Bored At Home Due To Coronavirus

With all the craziness going on at the moment all over the world due to coronavirus, people are being told to stay home and limit contact with others to avoid getting the virus.

While some people have no problem staying at home and they actually enjoy it, for so many this is a big change in their daily routine and they have no idea what to do with their time.

It can be a frustrating time for some and even depressing not getting out of the house.

So here are a few ideas to make things easier for you and keep on enjoying life!

Family Time

Most people complain that they don’t have enough time to spend with their family. So talk with your loved ones, listen to them, teach them, tell stories, share memories, play together, cook together, eat together, watch movies, build something, LEGO, puzzles, get out together if it’s possible ( BUT SAFELY! ) and have some fun.

Learn Something New

You’re never too young or too old to learn something new. You have the internet available and there are so many things you can learn.

Think of the things you enjoy doing or if there is something you always wanted to learn but didn’t have time?

Painting, singing, dancing, a new language, cooking, photography, code, SEO, blogging, marketing, finance…whatever you want, you can find courses online! Think of what you would like and get busy!

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How To Stay Fit While You Enjoy The Winter Holidays

So holiday season is here and Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re looking for some healthy tips to keep you in shape during the holidays and not ruin your progress ( or not too much 🙂 ) here are my tips for you:

Ready? Here we go…

Cook It Healthy

If you really want to keep things as healthy as possible you can totally do it by choosing to cook your own food and make it exactly how you want it. This way you can avoid anything you don’t like.

I know it might not be easy to do but…it’s all about making wise choices and once you make it a habit and you know it’s the right and healthy thing for you, it won’t feel hard anymore but easy and natural even around the holidays.

Healthy can be as delicious as you want it to be!

Don’t forget that eating healthy it’s simply a way of living not just diet for a few weeks.

Be mindful about what and how much you’re eating.

If you’re going to a restaurant, you are visiting some friends or going home to spend the holidays with your family…remember you can always make healthy choices.

Happy Holidays
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When You Are Lost And Feel Like Giving Up On Life

I wanted to write something about this topic in the past as I know there are lots of people who get to a point in life where they feel like they don’t want to live anymore.

Since it’s such a delicate subject and because I feel like each case is different and needs specific and individual attention I didn’t.

Lately I’ve been asked if I could write about it by someone in desperate need to hold on to life.

So here it goes…I don’t know you, YOU the one who’s reading this. I have no clue who you are, where you are, what your life is and what you’re going through.

Each person who thinks there’s no point in living anymore has its own story. You have yours!

For some it might be the fact that they feel they failed at life, others are struggling with illness for years that they simply got tired of all. Some were hit with one tragedy after another and then some more….and more…

Some are all alone with no one to love and love them back. There are so many reasons someone might feel like giving up on life.

But one thing is for sure. All these people go through so much pain that they can’t handle it anymore. Pain and suffering overwhelms them so much that they think they can’t take it anymore.

They see no way out. Some get angry, some become just numb to everything, others are struggling to find a reason, to hold on to something…

I am not trying to convince you of anything with this post.

I don’t have all the answers you’re looking for or the magic pill we all want to fix everything but, what I do hope is that what I write will bring you a little light and hope, enough to help you want to hold on to life.

To choose life and never give up on it!

Love Yourself
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What Really Stops You From Achieving Your Goals

Have you ever asked yourself what’s really holding you back from achieving your goals? You really want to succeed so what’s stopping you?

Let’s find out!

Avoiding What You Should Be Doing

Isn’t is crazy how it’s always easier to do what’s wrong than what’s right?

You know that junk food it’s not healthy for you but you order it anyway because it’s easier than to cook your own food. You give yourself the excuse  “just this time” or “I’m too tired to cook” or… “I simply don’t have time” But somehow “just this time” ends up being most of the time and for some all the time.

People usually avoid what they should be doing even if they know it’s wrong!

Even if those things are actually exactly what they need. Good things for them that will take their life to a different level! A better one! Here’s how to really set goals in life and achieve them.

A Change Of Mindset

There are people who are not afraid to take chances. Who seem almost too confident in themselves and even if they screw up things they are always saying yes to opportunities, always working on something.

And then there are people like you.

Here’s the opportunity… you got this! You tell yourself you can totally do it! Ok calm, calm, relax…heart starts racing, you begin to sweat, anxiety kicks in, you’re almost shaking!

Should you do it?

But what if you fail? Should you stop?

Should you take more time to think about it?

Heart keeps pounding…you tell yourself to relax but instead you’re getting even more nervous…

Why the heck is this happening to you? Every time!

Then you start feeling bad, upset, depressed, disappointed by not taking that opportunity, not giving that chance, not taking that step…

You tell yourself that next time you’re totally going to do it because you really need to make a change. If you’re reading this you surely want it.  Until you’re again face to face with opportunity and what do you do?

You freak out again and back down.

Learn To Move On
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How To Get Procrastination Out Of Your Way

Overcoming procrastination it’s not an easy job! We’ve all been there. Wanting but struggling to beat it!

You tried so much to overcome it, you really tried but, not much success right? Probably not since you’re reading this. 

So how do you deal with it? Can you really overcome procrastination?

Look, we all procrastinate sometimes because of different reasons. But, some people finish whatever they set their mind onto. And some well, procrastinate over and over again.

It’s like an endless loop that won’t end. Truth is, you want to stop procrastinating.

But how?

You have this thing you really want to do it. You want to achieve it but, when it comes to actually doing it… you end up postponing.

Sometimes forever!

And I’m not talking about little, insignificant things that you usually need to do, like every day stuff that you simply don’t enjoy or you just don’t feel like doing it.

I’m talking about that ONE thing that keeps coming back to your mind!

That dream, that goal! THAT thing that KEEPS COMING BACK over and over again no matter how many excuses you find and how much you try to avoid it!

By the way, in case you wonder… that thing that keeps popping into your mind might be your true purpose in life, your destiny, a sign, certainly something you need to do or at least think about it!

And guess WHAT?

You KNOW it!

Live Life Happy
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Give Up Excuses – Get Up And Get Things Going

I’m just not feeling it today, it’s raining, it’s cold, I’m too sleepy, I’m not ready, I’ll do it tomorrow, next week, next year…sounds like you?

Not only that you’re finding excuses but you’re also thinking of things you can do in order to avoid what you really should be doing don’t you?

Sometimes even if there’s something you can do, and know how to do it, you still find an excuse to put it off. And yes even if you like what you have to do you’re still looking for an excuse not to do it.

But why?

You know you want it right? You know what you should be doing but instead of doing what needs to be done you keep on making excuses.

None of those excuses will help you achieve what you want. They will only take you further away from your goals.  

Stop Waiting! Start Doing

You keep on waiting for the perfect time, moment, day, for the rain to stop, for the sun to shine but all you’ll achieve it will be lost time.

Stop saying you don’t have time, that you’re not good enough. Stop holding yourself back, saying next week, next year, postponing forever and ending up in the same place every time, feeling bad, unhappy and stuck.

The only way to get unstuck is to take some action, make some changes!

Instead of doing things you don’t like that keep you away from your goals, focus your attention on what you can do everyday to get closer to your goals.

Instead Of Looking For An Excuse Look For A Way To Do It

Most of the time things are so simple but we tend to complicate them. Try to see things like they truly are. Stop complicating them by overthinking and overanalysing and running away from them.

True, some excuses may be real but that should not hold you back. Even if you’re in a rock bottom situation, just sitting there and refusing to do something won’t make things better.

Dreaming and wanting is not enough. You need to make some changes, take some action.

Look at all the people who are really successful and doing things you would like to do…you think they would still be there if excuses would be on their everyday list?

If you truly want something and you feel it in your heart…go for it!

Keep Going
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What’s Holding You Back From Doing What You Love?

Have you ever wanted to do something that you really loved, really wanted but you didn’t? What stopped you? Was it what people might say or think? Was it fear? Fear of failing or fear of actually succeeding? What was it?

We often find ourselves in a position where we really want to do something but… we don’t do it because of different reasons and then, we feel bad and we regret not doing it.

Are you standing in your own way?

Most of the time a change of mindset is all you need to let go of all those limiting beliefs and start doing what you love.

So here are some tips to help you finally let go of what’s holding you back and go after your dreams.

What Others Will Think Of You

So you’re afraid of what people might think or say…do you really think this is good? Why do you care so much?

Do you honestly think that all those people in the world who are doing what they love and are living their best life are spending their time worrying about what others think?

C’mon, be serious…they’re too busy living their best live and enjoying every moment.

People will always find something to disagree with what you’re doing.

Even if you do nothing they will still have something to say about it. So why worry?

You came into this world with a purpose. Maybe you’re very talented at singing or at dancing, painting maybe or you would love to be a teacher…whatever your skills are…use them!

If for example you want to follow a different career… let’s say you want to be a DJ. Do it! It’s your life not others. Do what you want, like, enjoy and think it’s good for you. Not what other people want you to do.

So You Failed! So What?

Fear of failing, of not being good enough holds so many people from succeeding and doing what they love.  So you failed. Try again!

Listen we all fail, it’s part of life. Some people fail big time and not just once! They fail but they don’t quit. See failure as improvement. That’s how you find out what works and what doesn’t.

Imagine yourself succeeding and focus on making progress.

And if you still don’t succeed try again. At least you’ll know you did what you could, you tried. Now if you want, you can focus on a different thing.

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